June's Color

Sherwin William’s Inkwell is a dramatic and sophisticated color. Often, the color black demands power and authority but inkwell, well, it merely suggests it. Designers repeatedly return to the classic black and white color scheme. When designing with colors, it's important to know complementary but with black and white— they simply contrast one another. Inkwell will give your space depth, a bit of drama and a ton of style. We hope we’ve convinced you to think about using it!

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Sometimes it’s good to invite a little drama in your life. Life’s too short to play it safe! See you next month!
— Paige W. Design Team

We did it! We are Franklin Sizzle Award Winners!


We want to thank YOU for making this award possible! Thank you to our clients for voting for us and always acknowledging our passion. We appreciate the small moments where hard work is recognized. And a huge congratulations to all the other winners and contestants, Franklin has a lot of great talent. 

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Doesn't our new award fit perfectly in our front entrance? Thank you again for all the love we received! It sure has energized us, so let's get back to it!

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Thank you to everyone again, we had such a fun time. See you soon! 
— Paige Williams Design Team

May's Color

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Here at Paige Williams design we are so excited about our color of the month, Calypso! Calypso is a blue-green color, it has the serene properties of blue with the healing qualities of green. In color psychology, it represents open communication and reliability. It’s said to increase clarity in thought— a perfect mindset to launch into these summer months! 

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Calypso reminds us so much of clear skies and cool water. We’re looking forward to enjoying a little bit of both this month and hope you’re doing the same! Have a happy May!
— Paige W. Design Team

April's Color

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 10.56.15 AM.png

Honorable Blue is a tranquil and classic color. Rumor has it, the color was created for a competition to design a dress for Queen Charlotte (1744-1818), hence its “royal” name. We love to warm up the color and introduce its complementary color, orange into our designs. However, honorable blue goes well with cool silvers and yellows too. 

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Designers love this deep blue for how simple and impactful the color is in our environments. See you next month!
— Paige W Design Team

March's Color

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March is the beginning of Spring and we are welcoming that growth through the color of the month! Shamrock! This deep green can be both elegant and playful but we believe no matter, it is always a healing color. A quick fact: shamrocks are specifically clovers with only three leaves— not four. In Irish culture the number three is significant in folktale, song, and history. We hope you have a great St. Patricks day!

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“We’re constantly finding our color hidden in many places throughout the month. We would love to see what you find! Let’s notice the little things together!”
— Paige W Design Team