Goodbye 2017... Hello 2018!

2017 kept us busy with a wide variety of projects in various locations across Nashville, Tennessee...  




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+ Kitchen Renovation
+ Bath Renovation
+ New construction
+ Tile selections
+ Furniture + Accessories Package
( Living room, kitchen, dining, bathrooms,
bedrooms, outdoor patios, office, media room)
+ Furniture Refurbishing
+ Custom pillows + Drapery
+ Children's Bedroom
+ Custom rugs + Selections
+ Storage Solutions
+ Custom Wallcoverings
+ Office Design
+ Master-Suite Renovation
+ Downsizing Arrangements
+ Custom Bedding
+ Exterior selections

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+ Gulch
+ Downtown
+ Bellevue
+ Fairview
+ Bell Meade
+ Sylvan Height
+ East Nashville
+ Springhill
+ Hendersonville
+ Brentwood
+ Hillsboro
+ West End
+ Music Row
+ Mt. Juliet
+ Green hills
+ Cool Springs
+ Lebanon
+ Nolensville
+ College Grove
+ Franklin
+ Hermitage
+ Columbia

Hi everyone!

As 2017 came to an end we had the opportunity to remises on all the amazing projects we got to work on, thanks to our supportive clients. We are looking forward to 2018 and all the opportunities that lie ahead!

- Paige & Mia


Time for a TOAST!


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We are so excited to announce Paige Williams Interior Design has been named Best Local Owned Business in Williamson County in the 2017 Toast of Music City Awards! A special thank you to everyone who voted for us this year. We truly appreciate the support and could not do it without you! See all of the great locally-owned businesses that won this year in The Tennessean.

- Paige & Mia

Summertime Recap!

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A Summer Well Spent
Between bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels, furniture installs, window treatments, half a dozen Airbnb projects and keeping our current clients happy, we've had an eventful summer! Here's a look inside some of our most recent work:

blog post 18 1.jpg
blog post 18 3.png
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Does anyone else feel like summer just flew by?! As we're reflecting over a busy past few months, we're grateful to have worked on so many great projects and to have a great team behind each one. We'd like to give a special thank you to our summer intern, Emma Fisk, for her hard work and dedication this summer. Have a great Fall semester, Emma!

- Paige & Mia


For the love of Lamps

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Shedding Light on Lamps
Lamps seem simple enough - plug them in, flip them on and you're good to go! Except they play a bigger role in pulling a room together than you may think. The wrong lamp (or lamps -- they work best in pairs!) can disrupt a design both in visual aesthetic and practicality. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing lamps. 

How's The Height? The taller the lamp, the better. Depending on their purpose, you typically want a lamp that is at least 30 inches tall. If you are using a lamp for reading light, the shade should come to just above your shoulder when you are sitting down in a chair. Also remember that if you are shopping for lamps online, carefully read through the dimensions before purchasing. Photos can often make lamps look larger than they are.

And The Shade? The color and fabric of a lamp shade can drastically affect how light is diffused in a room. Think about the day-to-day use of the lamp before settling on a shade. Black shades are cool and edgy but won't provide as much light as a lighter color. Similarly, burlap shades are very popular right now, but the heavy fabric restricts the light.

What About The Base? Finally, consider what the body of the lamp is made of. Whether it is glass, marble, concrete or ceramic, the base can be an easy way to add color to a room and pull a space together. Glass lamps work best is smaller rooms because of their transparency but be sure they don't get lost in the background if working in a larger room.


All good designers know the power of a well-placed lamp! This summer, we've been hard at work renovating several apartments on Music Row and have had the pleasure of picking out fun, unique lamps for all of them. Have a lamp question that wasn't answered here? Send it to us on Facebook or Instagram!

- Paige & Mia

Behind the scenes: Stacks on Main

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Behind the Scenes of Stacks on Main

What fun is work without a little competition? You may recall we recently partnered with Parallel Travel as one of four local designers tasked with turning a blank apartment in Stacks on Main, a luxury apartment building in the Gulch, into a fun and welcoming Airbnb space.  

This month, we found out the apartment we designed has been the company's highest rated and most occupied space of all of their locations in Nashville! We'll cheers to that. 

Check out what the space looked like before the renovation!


We want to say thanks to everyone who helped us bring this project to life and to Parallel Travel for the opportunity to create a cool, funky, Nashville-infused space for visitors to our city. It has been so fun reading the reviews on Airbnb as they roll in from real people looking to get a glimpse of the Nashville lifestyle. Until the next project!

- Paige & Mia