October's Color of the Month


Orange is perceived differently by many. It is found in pop-art— in that it is energizing and distracting. We often find it in midcentury modern furniture, as well. It is representative of life and the passing of the seasons; we see it in the leaves this time of year. Our color of the month, Invigorating is both lively and cautionary. It gives us the brightness of yellow with the power of red and it is a color that seeks your attention.

Check out what inspires us!

Keep in touch to find out when we might use the color orange in one of our next projects! Have a great rest of your month!
— Paige W. Design Team

What to Expect at your First Consultation

Meeting us of course! We will meet you at your space, where we will take pictures, observe and ask you questions. This is our first meeting and we’re trying to learn about you, your space, and to figure out what’s best for you and your project. Here are a few things you can expect during a first consultation.

Your style likes… and dislikes.


It is just as important to understand what you like as what you dislike. Designers are visual people, we notice what you currently have in your spaces, what colors and textures you’re already surrounding yourself with and even your own personal style. So, let us know what you like in your home and what you wish was different.

What you can do to help us…

Although we’re great at imagining and discussing a space through words, quick sketches and hand gestures. We love for you to give us a visual idea of what you’re imagining. This can be a magazine cut out, a picture you took yourself or a few you found online. This helps us so much! And lastly, never be afraid to tell us something you don’t like! It doesn’t hurt our feelings and it is the only way we will know what will work for you!

Your space, your way.

We like to start at how you currently use your space and what your daily routines are. We want to discuss what does or doesn’t work for you. The smallest of details could make a big difference design wise! How you make your coffee in the morning, to where you drop your keys after getting into the house. We want design to meet your expectation of beauty and functionality. So, when we ask to see the insides of a closet hidden away, we’re not being nosey, we’re just trying to understand every aspect of your space.

What you can do to help us…

The days before the presentation, make note as to what isn’t efficient in your home and what you wish was different. Sometimes making a list of concerns or questions help our clients feel like they got the most out of the time we spend together. Remember, you may not see us face to face until our next meeting, which is when we typically show you our ideas!



It’s okay to dream big and we want you to! But we have a good understanding at the process behind those big dreams. With our years of construction management, we understand what needs to come first and what’s better to wait for. Saying this, all projects are different! The priority of a spaces remodel differ between people. Some feel the entrance of the home is a priority, because it’s the first impression. Other’s wish to prioritize more private spaces, like master bedrooms and bathrooms. Remember! There is no blanketed right answer, there is only the right answer for you.

What you can do to help us…

If your list feels big, think about what you want to prioritize first. Have a discussion with whoever is involved and what everyone’s expectations are. With this information we can optimize where to spend and where to save, and what timeline is most realistic for you.

Moving Forward

After our meeting, what we call the ‘first consultation’. You can expect a proposal—this will estimate our time and payment. After this is agreed upon, we will proceed to set up a date for us to meet, where we present you the designs we’ve come up with.

What you can do to help us…

After the proposal has been agreed upon, we will begin designing, this isn’t to say we haven’t already been brainstorming. However, the faster the proposal is agreed upon, the faster we can begin this process. The one thing you can help us moving forward from consultation to presentation is to make sure all has been said when we meet. After that, leave it up to us, and don’t worry, we will stay in touch!

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 5.55.37 PM.png

Use this checklist to prepare and discuss with whoever is involved and wants to dream too!

We hope this newsletter answered some ‘what-if’s’! If you have any other questions about the consultation, we would love to answer them! Feel free to reach out!
— Paige Williams Design Team

September's Color of the Month


Yellow is considered an eternal and joyous color by many. It symbolizes happiness, good energy, and warmth— as it is the color nearest to light. We love the color of the month because it gives us all the confidence and happy feelings for the very last days of the summer. Vincent Van Gogh, an avid lover of the color yellow once said: “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” We are so happy that we can do the same.

Check out the that colors inspire us!

Let us see what colors inspire you! Keep in touch and see you next month!
— Paige W. Design Team

Celebrating our new designer!

Meet Madison

With more projects comes more helping hands! We have had the privilege of having Madison Ferguson as our intern at Paige Williams Interior Design last summer. We loved her so much, we couldn’t let her go! She is now working with us as our Design Associate!


Having lived in Memphis the first half of her life, Madison has gained an appreciation of the historical. Growing up, she was drawing floor plans for dream rooms and taking note of perfect snapshots throughout Memphis. Having been so emotionally affected by her surroundings, she has always altered her environments to feel most comfortable, even having friends seek her out to help them as well. 

Madison entered O’More College of Design in 2015, and right away she knew she had found home. In 2019 she graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. Shortly after, she was lovingly welcomed into the Paige Williams Interior Design team after interning with them for a year. 

She is most drawn to clean lines, mixing the old and new and has a deep appreciation for spaces that feel lived in and layered by its residents. She loves natural elements, stacked books, and rooms with pops of complimentary colors. 

In her spare time, you can find her at the movie theatre, practicing yoga, growing her collection of artwork and books, or trying to rollerskate—a new found hobby.

Hi Everyone!
I have so enjoyed working with the amazing women who make up this design team. It is always a welcoming reminder of what hard work and kindness can bring into this world. Looking forward to seeing all of you!

— Madison

Mission: Middle School Locker

paige and emma kate.jpg

Hey everyone!

We have a special blog post this month! Paige’s cousin, Emma Kate is taking over to tell you how they’ve designed her middle school locker. She has a good understanding that the spaces we use everyday matter, and that no where is too small for tassels and a little color. Read on to see what they came up with!

Emma kate writing .png
Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 11.02.30 AM.png
cute wallpaper.png
emma kate and paige .jpg
Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 2.04.24 PM.png

First, Emma Kate and Paige picked the wallpaper, and from there selected the remaining colors. By picking out the largest element first, makes the other selections much easier to decide.

Photo Jul 04, 8 11 37 AM.jpg

Secondly, designer’s have the ability to feel right at home, and no where is too weird for a small brainstorm session. May it be the floor of the department store, a quick inspiration doodle on a napkin, or in the middle of chaos—we all have to stop, discuss, and complete.

And lastly, all the small accessories. Magnets, boxes for pens and pencils, and of course, our cute new stickers!

Hope you enjoyed this mini design session! Maybe it inspired you to design a small space that you use every day!
— Paige Williams Interior Design Team