July's Color


July's Color of the Month has us feeling all the love! Rose Quartz is a color that brings out the romance and femininity in everyone. However, no longer just reserved for baby girl nurseries, it has now found its way into chic and sophisticated applications. From cafes and kitchens, to master bedrooms and lobbies, Rose Quartz is proving that a one-time "girls only" color can be for nearly everyone and everywhere!


Hi everyone!

We are loving the softness and warmth that Rose Quartz can bring into a design and are excited about how truly versatile this beautiful color has become!

— Paige W Design Team

June's Color


There’s a reason everyone’s favorite little dress is black, and this month we are highlighting the one color that truly never goes out of style.  Black Onyx is a timeless shade that has long proven to flatter nearly any person and home, and for June we are finding ways to incorporate this staple into our designs. Even though it has often been considered to be the backdrop for other colors to shine, we hope to find ways to make Black Onyx the star!


Hi everyone!

We love the sophistication that black can bring to a room. And because of this, we are trying to incorporate this classic color as much as possible.

— Paige W Design Team

We're Moving!


We have big news

We are celebrating 4 years in business, and what's a better way to celebrate than to move into a new space that's all our own! We have grown from one designer working from her home to three designers working in a cozy new office. We're already working on making our new office even more beautiful, but as you know, design work takes time. So in the meantime, we wanted to share some before + after photos of the space. We have LOVED creating a beautiful space in our office now, and we can't wait to do the same thing with our new space!



Organization is key when you have so many fabric memos and tile samples! We've put a lot of love into this closet (pictured below) to make it clean and simple for when clients visit but also practical for those days we are pulling samples for new projects. Our new office will have a resource room, but we are going to miss this sweet little closet.

We love office design, especially those home offices that show off your personal style! Need some inspiration for your home office? We got you covered.


We are SO excited about our move! Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to see behind the scenes of progress on our new space. Moving boxes isn’t our favorite thing, but the end result is always so worth it.

— Paige W Design Team

May's Color

Cactus flower.png

It’s starting to feel like spring is finally here to stay! This month, we’re loving this vibrant shade of green to help bring the beautiful colors of the outdoors in. This vivid green can really brighten up your space, whether it’s with some new plants in your window or a couple of new throw pillows and accessories. Make your home the dazzling nature retreat you dream of!


Hi everyone!

We are starting to see a lot more green in nature recently, and we love bringing the outdoors in. An interior is never quite finished until it has that final touch of greenery.

— Paige W Design Team

Our Team is Growing!

Brittany + Paige 11.JPG

Meet Brittany

We've added another designer to the team! Brittany Creekmur joined Paige Williams Interior Design as our Project Manager this spring, and we are thrilled to have her.

Brittany, a Nashville native, graduated May 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Middle Tennessee State University. Before joining the team, she worked as an assistant for two other Nashville designers.

Brittany’s passion for her career stems from the joy a well-designed interior can bring to a client. Whether it be through creating better functioning solutions to a client’s space or making the house feel like a home by the use of furnishings and finishes, the fulfillment a beautifully designed space can give to the client brings great satisfaction to her. While she has an appreciation for many different design styles, Brittany adores almost every variety of French design. Whether it be a herringbone floor, a café chair, or a soft blue-grey door, these are the things that make her heart skip a beat.

She spends most of her time either at home with her husband, Nick, her dog, and three cats, going on culinary adventures at all the new Nashville restaurants, or traveling as much as she possibly can.


This month, I’m taking over Paige’s newsletter to introduce myself! I’m so delighted to be joining this wonderful design team and working in such an exciting field. I’m looking forward to being involved in many projects in the near future and hope to meet you soon!

— Brittany