Frequently Asked Questions



Why hire an interior designer?

In addition to advising on color, fabric, furniture, and furnishings, we have an in-depth knowledge of flooring, wall coverings, windows, finishes, hardware, lighting, and many other elements involved in completing the space. We know the process, the people, and the products. Most importantly we, as designers, know how to maximize space and create lasting interiors.


How do I prepare for my initial consultation?

Think about the space you want to change. What do or don't you like about the space? Research inspirational photos to get a sense of your style and think about what colors you gravitate towards. This will help the first presentation go smoothly. Be sure to also think about your budget. We want to make sure what we show you will best fit your needs and wants.


Is it worth the cost?

Yes! An interior designer can actually SAVE you money by referring reliable contractors, helping you avoid potential costly mistakes, and selecting products and materials that meet your budget and design requirements.