The Good, The Bad, and The In Between

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We’ve settled into our new space and we wanted to show you the process of our second home! It is SO important to feel comfortable in your work environment. It lays the foundation for a clear mind and a creative work-flow. Interior Design is a constant movement of ideas, fabrics, and ourselves, so it is of great importance to organize each step of the way. Here’s a sneak peek into our organization in every room!


21-B Sunrise Apartments8339 Oceanside AveKapolei, Hawaii 39210-2.png

Make the first impression important! We’ve all been told how introductions are everlasting. We love this painting of our beloved downtown Franklin. Thanks Heidi Schwartz! This is a lovely piece to see every morning.

Dual Purpose Kitchen


This is quite a drastic transformation. We wanted to show you that not everything is ugly before photos and pristine after photos. There is an awkward in between too! The process of design is messy and its one of the reasons we love it.

Storage Samples

Ultimately, we organize by color and it makes it easy for us to quickly find what we are looking for, plus we think it looks pretty good too. 

Need the motivation to revamp your work space? Take a peek at some of our personal inspirations! 

Thanks for checking in on us! Although we’ve settled in our new space, we are still on the move. Check us out on Instagram to see what we’re up to!
— Paige W Design Team