August's Color of the Month

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 2.02.51 PM.png

We love the beach vibe this loch blue gives us. We are treasuring the final days of summer and what better way than to appreciate the refreshing hues of blue by remembering the blue, blue ocean and the upcoming cool days of fall. Loch Blue is a deep cyan color that compliments most any space. When paired with white, it’s clean and classic. The bright hue is perfect to match with other colors, as it’s bright enough to stand out or fade into the background. But no matter the application, it is indeed popular! 

Here’s some of our personal color inspiration!

We would love to see some of your color inspiration! How does the color blue make you feel? Calm, serene, or does it remind you of something special? We always love hearing from you!
— Paige Williams Design Team