Mission: Middle School Locker

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Hey everyone!

We have a special blog post this month! Paige’s cousin, Emma Kate is taking over to tell you how they’ve designed her middle school locker. She has a good understanding that the spaces we use everyday matter, and that no where is too small for tassels and a little color. Read on to see what they came up with!

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First, Emma Kate and Paige picked the wallpaper, and from there selected the remaining colors. By picking out the largest element first, makes the other selections much easier to decide.

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Secondly, designer’s have the ability to feel right at home, and no where is too weird for a small brainstorm session. May it be the floor of the department store, a quick inspiration doodle on a napkin, or in the middle of chaos—we all have to stop, discuss, and complete.

And lastly, all the small accessories. Magnets, boxes for pens and pencils, and of course, our cute new stickers!

Hope you enjoyed this mini design session! Maybe it inspired you to design a small space that you use every day!
— Paige Williams Interior Design Team