Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues

Don't let small rooms give you the blues. Use these tips to create the illusion that your bedroom is bigger than it is.

1. Skip the headboard. Headboards can be a statement piece in big bedrooms, but in small spaces, they're often too clunky. Trade your headboard for mirrors, which make any room appear larger.

2. Raise the curtains. This is a golden rule in almost any space, but it's especially important in small areas. Take your curtain rod to the ceiling to add height that's not really there.

3. Keep the colors simple. A monochromatic color scheme with subtle patterns is best in small rooms. Use varying shades of the same hue to create a cozy but collected effect.

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Hi everyone,

Downtown Nashville is getting crowded! This fun blue project was part of our recent work on a series of AirBnB spaces downtown. We were challenged with creating a modern design in several tiny spaces. Stay tuned for more spaces from this series in coming months. 

— Paige & Mia