March's Color

This March we are all about the blue tones, and Aqua Sky is exactly what spring calls for! This lovely color can be paired with just about anything to add a little brightness to your space. Pair it with a warm coral or cool green, or you can make it pop even more with a neutral background.

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Hi everyone!

We are starting our Color of the Month series, and we hope they inspire you to add a little color into your life! Be sure to check out our Instagram & Pinterest for more color inspiration.

— Paige & Mia

Summertime Recap!

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A Summer Well Spent

Between bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels, furniture installs, window treatments, half a dozen Airbnb projects and keeping our current clients happy, we've had an eventful summer! Here's a look inside some of our most recent work!

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Does anyone else feel like summer just flew by?! As we’re reflecting over a busy past few months, we’re grateful to have worked on so many great projects and to have a great team behind each one. We’d like to give a special thank you to our summer intern, Emma Fisk, for her hard work and dedication this summer. Have a great Fall semester, Emma!

— Paige & Mia

Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues

Don't let small rooms give you the blues. Use these tips to create the illusion that your bedroom is bigger than it is.

1. Skip the headboard. Headboards can be a statement piece in big bedrooms, but in small spaces, they're often too clunky. Trade your headboard for mirrors, which make any room appear larger.

2. Raise the curtains. This is a golden rule in almost any space, but it's especially important in small areas. Take your curtain rod to the ceiling to add height that's not really there.

3. Keep the colors simple. A monochromatic color scheme with subtle patterns is best in small rooms. Use varying shades of the same hue to create a cozy but collected effect.

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Hi everyone,

Downtown Nashville is getting crowded! This fun blue project was part of our recent work on a series of AirBnB spaces downtown. We were challenged with creating a modern design in several tiny spaces. Stay tuned for more spaces from this series in coming months. 

— Paige & Mia

Your Next Room Makeover

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what do you do when all those beautiful christmas decorations come down?

First and foremost, once your holiday decorations come down, live with the room. Sit in it. Feel it. What’s it missing? Right now is the perfect time to call for a consultation and get some input from a set of creative eyes.

Tackle one room at a time. This allows us to focus on creating the “perfect space” for you and your family. Each space serves a different purpose and when you take your time, magic happens.

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! I decided to kick off 2016 by working with Cindy Laverty, a lovely local who writes a fun and informative blog about life in Franklin. If your living room is looking a little less lively now that the Christmas tree is gone - or if you simply made a New Year’s Resolution to treat yourself - you might enjoy her latest spotlight with tips and tricks on sprucing up your space.
Cheers to the New Year!  

— Paige